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First Aid Treatment with Reiki

Japanese art of healing is gaining popularity among different treatment alternatives. As there is mystifying power of Reiki which multiplies when combined with auras, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, mediation, crystals

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Power Of Reiki Channeled With New Moon Meditation

Reiki is the universal energy of the living forms channeled for healing and prayer. This Japanese technique has become popular across continents as people opt for a spiritual way of living that allows stress management and a healthy lifestyle.

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Overcome Stress with Reiki

Today success is everything. And success could be anything between achievements at workplace or in a relationship. Success can be a welcome gift for an unrestrained mind. maintains a well-known Brit businessman. However, achieving success is not easy, or in clear words, Stressful. And, alternate health remedies like Reiki prove to be the right solution for your health and work.

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Is there any Scientific Evidence For Reiki?

Reiki medicines are considered to be the most effective medicine for curing your patient within short duration of time. Till date there is no negative effect of this medicine.

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Reiki Phenomenons – Yin and Yang

The famous concept of Yin and Yang was originated in Chinese metaphysics, and symbolizes two opposing but complimentary forces, something

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The Five Principles of Reiki

The five principles of Reiki are as follows: 1)Don’t get angry 2)Don’t worry. 3)Be grateful 4)Work hard 5)Be kind to others

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Levels Of Reiki

Reiki is basically a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and to relax your body. The process of Reiki is mainly conducted by laying your hands on your body causing some energy flow which is the main reason after our life and death. Reiki is a energy providing treatment for rejuvenating our body.

Technically according to the Usai system, Reiki has been distributed into three basic levels or degrees of energy. But later during the Takata era further smaller branches were created from one of these levels.

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Chakras in Reiki

The word “Chakra” is generally a Sanskrit work which means a wheel, and refers to the energy centers in our body and consciousness. The chakras are not physical but they are aspects of consciousness.

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Benefits of Reiki Treatment

Reiki is independent of one’s intellectual capacity. It is available everyone. It has been taught to people of different backgrounds and ages. It is spiritual in nature. It is not a religion. Reiki does not depend on the person’s belief because even if a person believes in it or it, Reiki exits and will work. It is said to come directly from God.

The benefits of Reiki are numerous. Some of them are as follows.

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