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Acupuncture techniques

This technique was followed by the Japanese as well as the Chinese people was the use of needles to cure the various types of ailments and the diseases. Treatment through acupuncture can be performed through its various different techniques that are followed by the well qualified acupuncture practitioners.
Also, the same effects can be achieved through the acupressure methods or techniques. The massaging forms that help in gaining the same results includes Tui na, Shiatsu, Sotai, Amma etc.

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Eight Principles Of Acupuncture

According to some of the historians, the method of acupuncture was invented even before the Chinese characters were invented. They believed that the main theory of acupuncture was created by the ancient people during an attempt to remove the effects of diseases from the body of the patient by beating him. Soon they discovered that there were specific points in our body which when beaten had the power to relieve the patients from diseases or illnesses. Thus, the first acupuncture technique was developed from the acupressure technique. They used the Bian stones to press the skin at one end and then prick the needles from the other end into the skin. It was believed that these stones were basically used for the acupressure points and treatments of the patients.

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