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Spa is a treatment or service provided by the spa runner and generally it begins with the body massage. Spa runner offers various types of massage and one can choose with the most suitable and affordable spa treatment. Massage is the most effective body relaxing therapy and widely popular worldwide since the ages. The effectual spa treatment is inclusive of facials and body treatment, salt glow and body wrap. These are the basic treatments offered in addition with the various other soothing comforts keeping in mind the prime objective of providing optimum relaxation to the body. Massage is a form of touch therapy and perhaps the oldest system of healing the physical problems. It soothes and eases the body, calms the boiling nerves and mind state and promotes the sense of well being. When someone goes to spa to have massage treatment, the spa runner has to offer suitable massage treatment looking at the physical condition of a person. Massage therapies can be classified on the basis of the regions they target; the massaging pressure depends on the movements of the hands of massage therapist.

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