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Portable Vaporizers Are the New Smoking Trend

Portable Vaporizers Are the New Smoking Trend

June 27
05:22 2013

New smoking trend is now coming in with the vaporizers. The cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, seesha and similar other stuff which were quite popular are now a second option and even non-existent at some places because of the vaporizers.

This new trend of using vaporizers instead of other smoking products is better in a lot of senses. There are a number of advantages of using vaporizers while on the other hand there are only disadvantages of smoking cigarette, cigar etc.

If you also interested in getting a vaporizer then make sure you get a portable vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are the new smoking trend. Some of the advantages of this new trend as given below:

  1. Healthier :As already being said that it is safe option because there is no burning of the harmful chemicals, tar, toxins and carcinogens, which are present in tobacco cigarette. There is no smoke from the vaporizer rather vapors which are free from toxins and have a better taste than cigarettes. This makes it a healthier option. Smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars etc. can lead to dangerous diseases like lung cancer and heart problems. So this new trend is a healthier one.
  1. Convenient: The advantage of having a portable vaporizer is that it is quite convenient than other vaporizers. The normal vaporizers are large and cannot be carried everywhere while these portable ones are usually pocket size and can be carried easily to all places.  Also the portable vaporizer is convenient from cigarettes as you may not be able to smoke everywhere as you may not have the ashtray to throw your smoke or butts or you may be in non-smoking zone etc. On the other hand, vaporizers do not require any ashtray or any other thing, as there is no ash. You can even smoke the vaporizer in non-smoking areas, as there is no danger of second hand smoke. Thus is a convenient option.
  1. Safe: Portable vaporizers are safe to use, as they are battery operated, you are not required to carry a match stick or a lighter. While on the other hand cigarettes can catch fire easily if handled carelessly. It have been heard that a lot of homes and buildings are damaged because of the fire of a lit out cigarette.
  1. Less Expensive: A lot of people think that portable vaporizers are expensive and are not affordable as compared to the cigarettes. On the other hand it is the opposite case, you only have to buy the vaporizer once which is a little expensive but it is long lasting. All you need to buy would be some ingredients to place inside the vaporizer, which are not very expensive. You can smoke whenever you would want and also without any issue like that in cigarette which has to be finished to the end else it get wasted.

This new trend of portable vaporizers is quite better than the last few trends of seeshas, hookahs etc. So get hooked up with this latest new trend and leave the harmful trends aside.


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