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Know the psoriasis you suffer from- Ways to identify them

Know the psoriasis you suffer from- Ways to identify them

Know the psoriasis you suffer from- Ways to identify them
July 02
07:21 2013

Across the world, people suffer from various skin diseases and conditions, of which one of them is psoriasis. Those who already have a history of such in the family are more prone to them, say sources and experts from the medical field. The medical is yet baffled as to how to find cures that would cent percent treat the patient, nothing so far has been proven satisfactory.Psoriasis

Having said that, ask yourself these two important questions:

  1. What do you know about psoriasis?

  2. Do you know the types of psoriasis around?

Today we would like to speak with you about the types of psoriasis people suffer from. Hence please read on and be well informed for the same.

  1. Plaque Psoriasis: Plaque or psoriasis vulgaris is a very common skin condition, widespread and found across patients from all parts of the globe.

         Identifying traits

  1. Dry red patches on the skin

  2. Scalp has silvery scales

  3. Knees and elbow turn silvery and flaky

  4. The belly-button and the lower back turns red and scaly or silvery

  5. The back and the soles of the feet is where it is found usually

  6. Very rare cases have it on the face

The condition stays or disappears with the kind of treatment administered upon diagnosis. If you don’t find patches or symptoms on the body anymore, you don’t have to worry about its existence on you.

  1. Guttate Psoriasis: If you find plenty of tiny lesions on your body, which are oval and range from five to fifteen millimetres, they look like drops on the surface of the skin.


Areas where you find them the most would be

  1. Trunk

  2. Arms

  3. Legs

  4. Face

  5. Scalp.

The patients age group most affected are young children and very young adults, especially after they have suffered from serious infections.

  1. Pustular Psoriasis: This type of psoriasis Online Casino can happen on any part of the human body, and they are red in colour. There are three groups to identify, depending on where they affect. Irrespective of the group you may suffer from, it’s wise to have professionals checking, diagnosing and treating you for the same.

Some swear by alternate medical sources helping them get cured from such psoriasis ailments, for example Doctor Fish therapy. In this therapy, which is not a cent percent cure though, helps significantly with the treatment. It takes around a fortnight for the treatment to show signs of recovery. During the treatment, special accommodation nearest to the hot springs is provided to patients, and medical care round the clock too is provided.

In conclusion:

One doesn’t have to silently suffer from psoriasis, skin issues can happen to anyone and to seek help at the earliest is what you should think of. On a priority basis, one should know how to identify the type of psoriasis they are suffering from. Never be your own doctor and don’t self medicate upon what you do not understand.

Little knowledge is too dangerous, having said that it is thus advisable to look online and learn more from professionals and experts on how to deal with psoriasis. It could be you or your loved one silently suffering, the answer thus would be to go out there and ask for help. Read about how others cope with it and recover from it too.

Author Bio

www.psoriasisvulgaris.eu can happen to anyone across the globe, and it is not a condition rare and which cannot be treated. Jude Williams asks you to learn from what professionals have to share with you on the various treatments for the skin condition available online and otherwise. It’s better to have knowledge in full rather than half baked knowledge.

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