5 Reasons to Take Your First Step towards Yoga


Yoga is a very ancient Indian practice, believed to be around 4000 years old. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj samādhau’ (to concentrate). It is one of the most popular ancient disciplines to help humans form a connection between the spiritual, mental and physical body and according to some cultures, even form ‘a […]

The top reasons to use the exercise stability ball


There are many reasons for a person to use the exercise stability ball. The exercise stability ball is used therapeutically by health care professionals. Other than the health care professionals, it is also used by lay people to get back into shape. It is also prescribed for people who have instability due to various reasons. […]

New exercise ball from Aerosoft


If you are using the new exercise ball from Aerosoft, you will know the many benefits you will be able to obtain from using it. Some of the common benefits of using the new exercise ball from Aerosoft are that it will help you to increase your muscle tone and also balance. Fitness exercises are […]

A Better Brain, Body and Beyond: 6 Beautiful Benefits of Yoga


It’s well known that yoga increases flexibility and strength in a gentle way accessible to those at any fitness level. But yoga fans will tell you it also offers mental and spiritual benefits that go beyond mere muscle tone and elasticity. Some even believe that yoga slows aging by keeping the body cleaner, running more […]

Teen Body Dydmorphic Disorder Trestment and Yoga


Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment is aided tremendously by the practice of yoga. Given that BDD is a condition in which the teen obsesses about their body in a negative manner and then develops compulsive rituals to relief the pressure of those obsessions, yoga provides the teen with a positive, alternative relationship with their body. […]

Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners


This type of routine is planned for beginners. It is basically for the person who is planning to start simple practice to build strength and flexibility. It also helps in promoting weight loss.

Your Abs, Computer Stress And Yoga


Whether you are an IT professional, a graphic designer or just a computer geek who loves to spend a considerable amount of time on your Mac, PC or Laptop, this piece is just for you.
In fact you may find a teaser of articles on our site, all related to your health, healing of the ailing body part due to computer stress.