Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners


This type of routine is planned for beginners. It is basically for the person who is planning to start simple practice to build strength and flexibility. It also helps in promoting weight loss.

How To Meditate


In this hectic modern world, many people over worked and feel stressed. It can also affect your health. And, thus to remove stress and to remain healthy meditation is the best feel you can ever have. You can learn very easily how to meditate. How to meditate is very important aspect of meditation. Just picking […]

Video On Yoga


Yoga is a best spiritual way to be healthy. Yoga can even cure many disease. We all need to take help of Yoga In our life! Watch this video and know more on Yoga.

Ashthanga Yoga


Browsing through the internet I came across this very interesting video on ashthanga yoga. Its a very good video and I would seriously recommend you checking it out. View the video below.

Yoga Based Ab Exercises


The flabs on the tummies are something that we all hate, but sadly, in this highly sedentary world, where most of the people have gone push button, we all, without an option are loaded with tummy fats. Abdominal area, is one of the most difficult areas to get the fat off. We have come up […]