Shellac nail treatments in Thailand


If you are interested in getting the Shellac nail treatments in Thailand, you are not alone in the thought. Many people want to get the Shellac nail treatments in Thailand because of the effectiveness of these treatments. It is a well known fact that all people like to look nice and one of the best […]

Quality spa treatments on Koh Samui


The quality spa treatments on Koh Samui are one of the huge attractions that every tourist likes in Thailand. There are many different places where you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings, on a holiday. One place where you will not only be able to enjoy the natural surroundings but […]

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Types spas in Samui


If you want to visit the ultimate holiday destination, Thailand is the best place for it. There are many different islands in Thailand and Samui is the second biggest island in this country. You will be able to experience different kinds of cuisine and also different kinds of spa resorts. There are different types of […]

Brazilian wax advantage and disadvantage


The Brazilian figure wax is a well known choice around the ladies, most particularly throughout the mid year and in this article we will be examining about the Brazilian wax, how to plan for it, and its pros and cons. In spite of the fact that having hair in the pubic area is totally typical […]

Visiting a Spa Can Make You Fresh and Healthy


Visiting a spa can be an eye-opening experience. Today, the spa is far more than just a place to go for a pedicure or massage. The top spas, such as Live Love Spa, are used to pamper you, but they also work to make you a healthier and happier person. A normal spa day includes […]

All about Brazilian wax


Mexico, No longer just in the country carioca women dare to sweep all your pubic hairs. In Mexico there are already many have been tempted to experience this type of hair removal. But, how safe and recommended is this technique? Sun, beach, bikinis and guys are the perfect incentive for more than one test is […]

Things to Consider For Rejuvenating and Sensual Body Massage


Romantic and erotic massage is the most intimate act that can be shared between the couple to elevate their internal bonding and love in more conventional way.  It may really set up the tone for an extraordinary, comforting and an intimate time in the enclosure of one another.  However, the thing more important and essential […]

Spa Trends to Indulge Yourself


Daily work load, stress and standard of living does tax a lot on your health and complete well being. You can expect a few interesting modern approaches for a wonderful spa your experience. Get few basics about the options you get before stepping in the luxury of self indulgence.