First Aid Treatment with Reiki


Japanese art of healing is gaining popularity among different treatment alternatives. As there is mystifying power of Reiki which multiplies when combined with auras, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, mediation, crystals naturopathy, homeopathy and aromatherapy. Sudden accidents can benefit from First Aid Reiki treatment. Have you been facing excruciating pain post surgery or ageing has taken […]

Power Of Reiki Channeled With New Moon Meditation


Reiki is the universal energy of the living forms channeled for healing and prayer. This Japanese technique has become popular across continents as people opt for a spiritual way of living that allows stress management and a healthy lifestyle.

Overcome Stress with Reiki


Today success is everything. And success could be anything between achievements at workplace or in a relationship. “Success can be a welcome gift for an unrestrained mind.” maintains a well-known Brit businessman. However, achieving success is not easy, or in clear words, Stressful. And, alternate health remedies like Reiki prove to be the right solution for your health and work.

Christian Reiki


Reiki is an art of healing physical problems with the help of energies from the body. It is a technique wherein a reiki practitioner lays his hands on the body of the patient and run the energy into the energy field of the patient.
Some of the miraculous cures with the help of reiki are elimination of stress, enlightening better tolerance and resistance power in the body to fight against any physical problem, physical relaxation, relieving chronic pain and helping to release the old stuck emotions.

Free Reiki Attunement


Reiki is a type of ancient healing therapy involving gentle massage and deep relaxation which was invented and developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. They system carries a belief that touching by an experienced practitioner produces beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body. Once the desired resistance power is developed or restored into the body, it works like a wonder and heals any physical problem just by touching at the specific areas or points on the body.
Reiki is an art which could be learnt gradually understanding its basics thoroughly and by extensive practice. Normally free Reiki attunements are given only by some Reiki masters who feel that the art and knowledge of Reiki should be beneficial to everyone for their well being and should be easily available.