Tapas Acupressure Technique for Distress


Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT is a method many practitioners follow over the globe for treating distress.  Tapas Fleming was the introducer of this method which is based on yoga and Chinese medicines. It is very simple and does not actually need any equipment. Treating the energy levels to use them for enhancing health condition […]

Use Acupressure as Headache Remedy


Our stressful lifestyle has made us prone to headaches and health problems. Popping pills for pain may have side effects and be harmful in the future. Try this simple technique for relieving your headache. Acupressure for headache boosts immunity and helps regulate blood circulation.

Acupressure for Asthma


Asthma is caused due to swelling and constriction of the airways. It is anti inflammatory disorder of respiratory system. The secretion of mucus increases by that the air sacs get plugged. As a result, the air cannot pass into the air sacs and leads problem in breathing. An asthma attack can cause such shortness of […]

Sinus Acupressure


What is sinus? Sinuses are present in our face. There are total four types of sinuses. 1. Frontal sinus 2. Ethemoidal sinus 3. Sphenoidal sinus 4. Maxillary sinus Sinusitis means the inflammation of sinus cavities. The function of sinus is to maintain body temperature and strengthens the facial bone. Due to infection and inflammation in […]

Acupressure For Back Pain


Acupressure as we all know is a Chinese medicine that has been followed by millions of people over the past few centuries. It is the probable treatment for the various medical problems that we face in our regular life, including back pain. Problem of back pain In the recent times, the problem of back pain […]