Spiritual Enlightenment Find Yourself


The real meaning of our life is not working everyday or achieving our success, but is rather to understand the meaning of our existence. Spiritual awakening, this is what is meant by spiritual enlightenment, the true meaning of our life. Spiritual enlightenment is something which one has to experience and not learn from books. It […]

Spiritual health allows you to feel things in depth


In this hectic lifestyle, in order to take care of spiritual health, you need some extra efforts. To spend time for spiritual health means to spend some time for you so that you try to know about yourself, you to talk to yourself and try to make and access spirituality. To boost up your health […]

Power of compassion


Can superior feelings for the well being of others also keep you hale and hearty? Various forms of meditation are used by people from centuries to quiet their minds, improve their concentration, soothe pain, decrease nervousness and facilitate healing. One form of meditation called compassion meditation helps in understanding the vital role of human being. […]

Stay healthy naturally- by intake of natural supplements


According to the beliefs of ancient people, “Food is medicine”. If one has control on their diet they can stay healthy. Sedentary lifestyle has become a major problem, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, varicose nerve problem, arthritis, etc. are the complications associated with sedentary lifestyle. The other major problem of common medical problem is general unhealthiness caused […]

Psoriasis Chronic skin disease


Psoriasis is a common and chronic immune mediated skin disease. The skin with psoriasis has patches of raised skin and a thick silvery scale appears on it. Psoriasis is commonly found on the legs, arms, knees, elbow, scalp, trunk and nails. However, it can affect any part of the skin. As psoriasis is not an […]

First Aid Treatment with Reiki


Japanese art of healing is gaining popularity among different treatment alternatives. As there is mystifying power of Reiki which multiplies when combined with auras, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, mediation, crystals naturopathy, homeopathy and aromatherapy. Sudden accidents can benefit from First Aid Reiki treatment. Have you been facing excruciating pain post surgery or ageing has taken […]