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Meditation Poses

The meditation posture has to be upright and relaxing. You have to be alert when you practice meditation. The postures help in giving the nervous system a calming effect. Complete emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stability has to be attained.

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Spa Trends to Indulge Yourself

Daily work load, stress and standard of living does tax a lot on your health and complete well being. You can expect a few interesting modern approaches for a wonderful spa your experience. Get few basics about the options you get before stepping in the luxury of self indulgence.

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Power Of Reiki Channeled With New Moon Meditation

Reiki is the universal energy of the living forms channeled for healing and prayer. This Japanese technique has become popular across continents as people opt for a spiritual way of living that allows stress management and a healthy lifestyle.

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Meditation Online Courses for You!

The introductions to meditation begin from the ancient times. Multiple scriptures have described about meditation and since thousands of years. Since that period numerous variations have been added to the original form of meditation. Meditation is effective to lower stress and bring a brighter healthy effect to your life and considerably reduce medical bills.

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Chinese Herbs For Hair Gain

Our appearance is very important part of grooming. Skin, hair and figure have always been prime concern for one and all. Healthy skin and hair make us look beautiful. In some events hair fall occurs during phases of life or under stress.

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Yoga For Your Gawking Eyes Due To Computer Stress

In such a lost state of minds, you tend to gaze at the computer screen for hours you cant afford to divert your attention from the task and the hence from the lit screen of your computer. Computer screen radiate despite low intensities or calibrations.

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Yoga For Healing Your Fingers, Arms Due To Computer Stress

We are sure, this article on healing your ailing arms due to computer stress with exercises for arms, fingers and wrists. In our previous yoga article, we stressed on the yoga for puffed up abs due to stress by working on computers.

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Your Abs, Computer Stress And Yoga

Whether you are an IT professional, a graphic designer or just a computer geek who loves to spend a considerable amount of time on your Mac, PC or Laptop, this piece is just for you.
In fact you may find a teaser of articles on our site, all related to your health, healing of the ailing body part due to computer stress.

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Qigong – Chinese Health

One of the most sought after alternative healing methods is Qigong. Originated in the ancient China, Qigong is formed of two Chinese words, Qi and Gong. While Qi stands for the vital energy for life in Chinese language, Gong may have different meanings. Gong in Chinese language stands for practice of, abilities or benefits.

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