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How to deal with frustration

Being human, we deal with varied expressions and feelings. They can be love, happiness, joy, excitement, anger, pity, etc. No matter what emotion or feeling we experience deep within us,

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Foot Acupressure

Foot acupressure is mainly used for respite of foot and it came from china. The therapists consider that each and every part of the internal organ should respond it. By

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Hand Acupressure

Hand is a part of our body which can be used to diagnose diseases as per traditional Chinese medication, as pathological information is reflected on the hand. We can use

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Buddhist Meditation Guide

Buddhist Meditation Guide will help you in understanding of buddhist meditation and about its major benefits. Meditation is considered to be

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feng shui bedroom design

We feng shui our office for gaining profit in our business, but how many of us actually feng shui our

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Forms of Meditation

Shamathan and Vipassana,meditation in Christianity

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Reiki History

Reiki history is an interesting theory of spiritual world. Reiki, which is one of the spiritual practices concerned on developing

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History of Meditation as a Clinical Intervention

In a clinical situation if an intervention carried out to access, maintain or, improve the health of a person then

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The Dragon Symbol

Feng Shui  originated in China. It basically stresses on living life in harmony with the nature. It is the Chinese

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