Acupressure Techniques


Acupressure techniques, like the acupuncture techniques originated from China but the main difference between the two is that the acupressure techniques involve the use of finger pressure on specific points on the body rather than use of needles like in acupuncture technique. The various techniques of acupressure include rubbing pressing, rolling, gentle stretching, kneading, chafing grasping, wiping and even corrective exercises. A specific point or the whole meridian may be addressed.
According to Chinese culture the acupressure techniques are useful to access and release the blocked chi energy centers in the body.

Yoga Based Ab Exercises


The flabs on the tummies are something that we all hate, but sadly, in this highly sedentary world, where most of the people have gone push button, we all, without an option are loaded with tummy fats. Abdominal area, is one of the most difficult areas to get the fat off. We have come up […]

The Science of meditation


The meditation process includes a method by which the consciousness could be focused, aligned towards the first source of spiritual inspiration i.e. the soul. This process could be learned and practiced regularly.
The practice of meditation had developed in ancient India and China, but it is now practiced all over the world quite extensively.Dictionary meaning of the word “to meditate” is “to engage in contemplation or reflection”. This is a quite accurate description of the practice of meditation in the present age.
But, the present day creative mediation is involved with three stages of mediation – registration, interpretation, and application.

Acupuncture techniques


This technique was followed by the Japanese as well as the Chinese people was the use of needles to cure the various types of ailments and the diseases. Treatment through acupuncture can be performed through its various different techniques that are followed by the well qualified acupuncture practitioners.
Also, the same effects can be achieved through the acupressure methods or techniques. The massaging forms that help in gaining the same results includes Tui na, Shiatsu, Sotai, Amma etc.